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guido dom guido.dom at
Mon Aug 21 10:51:37 BST 2006

Whatever I do (green on/off red n/of) on any of the sliders: there is no
sound coming back from Skype

On 8/21/06, Gene Heskett <gene.heskett at> wrote:
> On Monday 21 August 2006 04:19, guido dom wrote:
> >Although I'm using PCLINUXOS (instead of UBUNTU) I'm having the same
> > problem with my mic and SKYPE
> >I hear the test voice but not my own voice (I can hear myself speaking in
> >the mic).
> kmix has a green button above the slider, and a red button below it IIRC,
> it won't run here because kamix is running.  In any event the green button
> needs to be off so you don't hear yourself when speaking, and the red
> button needs to be on so the skype test server, and the people you call,
> can hear you.
> >I'm using KMIX also and the ALSA souns system with the default driver for
> > my sound card.
> >
> >In WinXP all is ok.
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