(Not)Playing Embedded Videos With Mozilla Browser

Roshan Mansinghani rosh1182 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 20 05:45:06 BST 2006

After reading your post, I feel like I have an idea of your problem but
would like a specific test case.  So, please provide a web site with an
embedded video that exhibits the problem you have and which browser you
would like to view it with.

On 8/19/06, Leonard Chatagnier <lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> This issue dates back to Debian Sid(several months
> ago) and now with Ubuntu/Kubuntu distros. I hope
> someone will assist as I have posted to Ubuntu but no
> solution. Here's the situation:
> The embedded videos on my yahoo home page(AP, ABC,
> Reuters, etc.) play well(almost; some bluring,
> smearing at times) with firefox but dont't play with
> konqueror or mozilla browser(the one I want to use).
> Since it plays on firefox I don't think it's a flash8
> issue. The last time I had the mozilla browser play
> embedded videos was with woody and sarge and it played
> with mplayerplug-in but I had help to get it to play.
> With firefox the mplayerplug-in player comes up as it
> used to in mozilla browser when it worked a long time
> ago. It may recycle through the usual(connecting,
> buffering, playing, etc) but it eventually plays.
> In moz browser everything loads and finally ends up
> with blank greyed out player screen with a teal green
> double crossed image in the middle of the screen. When
> you click the image the message is: "This page
> contains information of a
> type(application/x-mplayer2)that can only be viewed
> with the appropriate Plug-in(exact quote). The message
> is entitled: Default Plugin. The
> "application/x-mplayer2" is listed in KDE's file
> association listing. When I came accross this before
> under Deb Sid, the mime type wasn't in the list, was
> added manually but didn't fix the prob.
> I'm using a global setup for Mozilla and mplayer. I
> have installed w32 codecs, libxine-extracodecs,
> mozilla-mplayer, mplayer, kmplayer,
> totem-xine-firefox-plugin, kmplayer-kong-plugins,
> kaffeine-xine, gxine, xine-ui, totem-xine,
> sun-java5-jre 1.5.0-06-1(1.5.0-07 installed but
> doesn't show in kde about plugins, flash player 7.0.63
> and everything video related I know of.
> I wont say I've read every related man but have read
> many and have googled many months on this issue. I may
> not know what to look for. I'm not exactly a noobie
> but have only been using linux for just over 2 years
> and still consider myself a novice, please treat me a
> such.
> The reason I left debian for ubuntu/kubunto is that
> Debian is too geeky for me.
> I elected not to post any config files as I would post
> everything I could think of which would make this long
> post much longer.  I prefer for the gurus and
> experienced user to ask for what they want to see and
> I'll gladly post it.
> My personal feeling is that this is a setup/config
> issue of some sort; maybe a simple one I'm just
> overlooking, but I just can't find it. Any and all
> comments welcomed. I'll try anything; just don't know
> what.
> TIA,
> Leonard Chatagnier
> lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net
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