Does this error message mean trouble?

Max Q maxq at
Fri Aug 18 10:26:49 BST 2006

A friend was having trouble with her Windows XP Home Edition, which
would not boot properly. When I learned that she had not made ANY
backups of any of her files, I brought around my Knoppix DVD and USB
stick, and booted into Knoppix. During the boot process, I saw an error
message, which reoccurred on shutdown. I took a photo with my phone
(hence the poor quality), and wondered if it indicates problems with
the help of the drive "sda2". Although Knoppix did boot, when I went to
mount sda2 in order to copy her files onto my USB stick, I got a
message saying something like: "volume dirty -forcing progress", after
which the mounting was successful and I was able to rescue her files
onto my USB stick. Here is the error message:

Am I correct in thinking that all is not well with her HD? 

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