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Thu Aug 17 19:57:09 BST 2006

Ylan Segal <ylan.segal at> wrote: I have a laptop running Ubuntu/Kubuntu 6.06. I tried using KAudioCreator
to rip a cd yesterday to mp3. I have lame installed and the ripping was
done correctly, except that it was very, very slow. I am talking about
1X speed (~60 mins per cd).

I doubt it is a hardware problem because the same computer running
Windows XP 2 months ago could do the ripping in about 10 minutes.

Does anybody else see this behavior with KAudioCreator? Can you
recommend another cd ripper?



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I have used this program several times and found a number of unusual behaviors,

First I was using it on a networked setup and happened to have the "gateway" computer connect to a US National Labratory every time I started K Audio Creator and maintain the connection as long as the program is used. It turns out (from a whois and Phone call to them ) that they Host several Linux repositories. It appears Kaudio creator is searching for udates. 

It also seems (according to the firewall data) to keep the connection to cddb persistently.

Converting to mp3 seems to be slower than ogg or flac, but I did not get Lame from the Ubuntu repositories  rather from wherever the installation for Nerolinux sent me. Lame works about the same in either program.

I do notice that the ripping function changes speed depending on the cd be it CDR cdrw or original music cd. I've been doing a lot of this lately as we have been putting all our music on an old 400 P2 dedicated to being a Jukebox.

An alternative is the Rythm Box/ Sound Juicer combination, which is default with the nome desktop.
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