locate file in package?

Jorge Tome Hernando jorge at jorgetome.info
Wed Aug 16 19:26:34 BST 2006

D. R. Evans escribió:
> I didn't receive any useful responses to the e-mail below, which I first
> sent a few days ago (although thank you Roshan for trying).
> I am still stuck on this. It's the first thing I've hit in Kubuntu that
> hasn't been obvious :-( Can anyone help?
> -----
> I have just started experimenting with kubuntu, after years of working with
> Mandrake/Mandriva.
> I have a simple question. Suppose that I want to install a package that
> will install a particular file, X. How do I determine which package will
> provide the file X?
> (In Mdv, this is the "find in file names" search option when installing a
> package with the Mandriva Control Center -- that's the functionality I'm
> trying to find in kubuntu.)
man dpkg

You will find that the --listfiles or --search options could be what you 
are looking for.

Best regards

Jorge Tome Hernando

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