Dapper Drake hangs on iMac

Ian Orchard Ian.Orchard at ihug.co.nz
Wed Aug 16 10:16:16 BST 2006

Greetings O mitey computing gurus,

I thought I would give Kubuntu a try to see how newbie-friendly it  
might be. I downloaded v6.06 to a 500MHz iMac and burned the CD from  
the disk image. It is recognised by OSX as a bootable volume and  
boots from a Cmd-C start.

However, after churning through the startup sequence, the cursor  
blinks briefly top left, a green bar flashes momentarily and the  
screen blacks out. Disk activity continues for a few seconds then  
everything stops. The iMac has to be crashed to restart.

Anyone got any suggestions as to what the problem might be?

I just checked it on a 1.2GHz iBook and apart from dropping out of  
the launch sequence blue screen to a generic terminal style display,  
Kubuntu booted just fine. Unfortunately, this exercise is to see if  
elderly iMacs can be given a new lease of life with an alternative  
OS. I'm hoping ultimately to load it onto a 233MHz original Bondi  
Blue iMac that still has some meat on the bone.

Keep in touch....Ian Orchard <mailto:Ian.Orchard at ihug.co.nz>

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