Zire 31 working with Dapper anyone ?

Anita Lewis ajlewis2 at highstream.net
Mon Aug 14 19:33:08 BST 2006

Dave S wrote:
> Also found this bug report - similar problem to mine ... 
> https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/gnome-pilot/+bug/38574
> last entry is mine :)
> Dave

I'm very interested in the resolution for this as well.  I had my Zire 
31 working on Debian/Sarge; 2.8.6 kernel; using udev I think, although 
there was hotplug as well; visor module had 61 for ID which is correct. 
  I checked the source code, because prior to that I always had to 
modify the source for visor and compile in order to get it working.

I installed Dapper this weekend.  I even downloaded the kernel source to 
make sure the ID was 61 for visor.  I have the correct entry in the udev 
rules, at least I think so, because the rule I have for the usb jump 
drive works.

I cannot figure out what is wrong with this thing, but it doesn't seem 
to be the kernel module.  The only difference I see is that there is 
nothing for hotplug in /etc/init.d.

I do see that a link called /dev/pilot is being created and pointing to 
the correct ttyUSB1--at least I guess that is true based on seeing that 
as the device when I ran udevinfo.  I'm not using kde, but it's the same 
pilot-link.  Oh, yes, I was doing my testing with pilot-xfer and not 
jpilot or kpilot.


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