kwalletmanager not showing up

Daniel Pittman daniel at
Sat Aug 12 04:20:41 BST 2006

"Michael Hirsch" <mdhirsch at> writes:
> On 8/8/06, Daniel Pittman <daniel at> wrote:
>> "Michael Hirsch" <mdhirsch at> writes:
>> > I'm running kubuntu on a dual amb64 system.  I've got the kde 3.5.4
>> > upgrade and for some reason my kwallet is not showing up in the system
>> > tray.  The system tray is in my upper panel and other applets appear
>> > there, but not the wallet.
>> >
>> > kwalletmanager is running.  kmail, kopete and konqueror all use it
>> > successfullly.  In kwalletconfig I do have it set to show in the tray
>> > and not to close.
>> Open 'System Settings' > 'Privacy and Security', then set the option to
>> hide the tray icon there.  That should address your issue, by allowing
>> you to set it always visible.
> Yes, that's what I thought, too.  And it has always worked for me in
> the past.  But, as I said, setting it to show in the tray has no
> affect.  :-(

Well, time to report a bug, I guess -- that should do the right thing.
The bug reporting page is that way:

(Actually, it is on Launchpad, but that alias is much easier to
remember. :)

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