How to opening large document files

Alvonsius Albert alvonsius.albert at
Thu Aug 10 06:18:47 BST 2006

Hi All,

Is there any tricks to open large document / source / sql files (>10Mb)
using Open Office and Kate? Sometimes i need to open large document using
OOo and I can't get my machine works after that. It freeze and took sooooo
damn long time to open it (wich 90% I prefer to switch off the machine and
turn it on again). Same happen with Kate when I try to open large SQL query
with lots of data.

I've try Scintilla, KWrite, Kedit and other but seems doesn;t work either.

My Notebook is Pentium-M 1,6G, 512 of RAM, 300M swap + 500M swap-file (make
it 800M of swap)


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