Reasons ro choose Kubuntu over Knoppix?

Max Q maxq at
Tue Aug 8 00:56:27 BST 2006

Lord Sauron wrote:

> If you want to try dual-booting to two, I can help you with either
> grub or lilo, whichever you choose (I'm happily now proficient in
> both!  Yay!)
> Dual booting them wouldn't be that hard.  You can always resize
> partitions, something that I find really cool.  It's so easy, too.  It
> scares me.

Thanks. Happily none of that really scares me, since I got plenty of
practice doing all that when I was working with Mandrake, from 7.0 to
9.2. And back then I only had one 40GB HD to play with! :D

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