system hangs during shutdown

José Alexandre Nalon nalon at
Mon Aug 7 21:24:00 BST 2006


> I have not found any error message in the logs. The last messages are from
> kernel about flgrx.

I had this very same problem, and searching for its solution
I found this list. My KDE would sometimes stop, sometimes it
wouldn't, sometimes it would shutdown, but usplash wouldn't
work. If your problem is something like that, try what I did:
edit your kdmrc file (/etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc), and in the
[X-:*-Core] session, uncomment or add the line


That worked for me. I don't have much time now to search for
the reasons why it work, but try it anyways. I hope it helps

José Alexandre Nalon
nalon at

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