dialup & network settings.

Owen owenb at theofficemet.com
Thu Aug 3 02:28:50 BST 2006

Connects and immediately disconnects.  Ubuntu 6.06 dials out and then 
immediately disconnects. My modem (Hayes Accura V.92 external) works 
fine with Mandrake and SUSE although I do have to use kppp software
   The FreekiWiki relates that "pppconfig, gnome-ppp  are relevant to 
Ubuntu and pppconfig is always presnet in a Ubuntu install.
  My problem is that I can't find them in my installation.  I did find 
"kppp" on my installation disk but could not load it because, "kppp is 
not available in any software channel.
 Do I need to reinstall the software package or is there a workaround 
for a complete novice when it comes to working within a terminal?

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