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Colin Pinkney kubuntu-users at cpinkney.org.uk
Wed Aug 2 18:04:20 BST 2006

On Wednesday 02 August 2006 02:43, Ron wrote:
> Suse had it set up that when I pressed and held down
> the Reboot button it would give the options of Rebooting into Suse or
> Rebooting into Windows.  How would I go about getting that option in
> Kubuntu so I don't have to wait for the startup menu and arrow down to
> Windows before it times out and starts up Kubuntu? 

I just move from SuSE the recently too. To get that feature back all you have 
to do is edit /boot/grub/menu.lst and change the line:

default 0


default saved

KDE then automatically picks up the different boot options and shows them as a 
drop-down on the Reboot button.

It also causes GRUB to 'remember' which OS you last booted into on every 
reboot, which is great for those Windows updates requiring several 
reboots.... You just have to remember to select Kubuntu again when you need 
to go back into Linux as Windows obviously does not have a similar reboot 
feature. I don't remember having to do that with SuSE 10 so maybe they 
customised something.

Colin Pinkney

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