64-bit vs 32-bit

Scott sclewin at bmts.com
Tue Aug 1 21:55:51 BST 2006

Daniel Axtell wrote:
> I'm building a 64-bit sempron desktop system for a novice user who's 
> used to Windows.  I know it's possible to set up a chroot environment 
> to run 32-bit plugins for the browser, but for a non-sophisticated 
> user that seems like it would be hard to maintain updates, etc.
> Will there be much of a performance hit if I run 32-bit Kubuntu on a 
> 64-bit machine?  It seems like a simpler way of handling the plugin 
> problem.
I have a 64-bit Sempron also and tried the 64-bit Kubuntu and noticed no 
difference.  Someone on this list mentioned to me that there is only a 
10% increase in performance and that is probably right.  I'm switching 
back to the 32-bit Kubuntu as I found too many programs don't run in 
64-bit and I do not want to bother with chroot when I don't need too.


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