Kppp unable to connect with noauth

Sam Przyswa samp at
Tue Aug 1 17:40:29 BST 2006


With the Dapper Kppp is unable to connect with the noauth option I 
always got:

using the noauth option requires root privilege

If I launch on a terminal: sudo kppp, it ask me the password and then 
Kppp run as user root and it connect well.

I tried to modify the editmenu to change "kppp %i %m" with "sudo kppp" 
but it doesn't work.

I set Kppp, pppd with setuid root, put in sudoers:

my_login ALL=(ALL) ALL

But nothing work, I have to run Kppp from a terminal only...

Please how to make Kppp/pppd working with a simple user, not in root ?


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