removable devices

Gabriel Dragffy dragffy at
Thu Apr 27 11:24:32 UTC 2006

It seems I have found the solution to my own problem. When browsing files on 
my USB drive through a KDE app it uses the address media:/sda1/????   the 
apps treat this as a remote address. If I replace this address with the 
rather more simple /media/sda1/?? then everything is hunky-dory. I gotta ask 
what is the logic behind browsing files with such things as system:/ media:/ 
file:/  It only seems to cause problems and doesn't solve any. I like many 
others have been caught by the system:/  home bug and it's absurd, infact 
encountering this bug actually gave me the idea to check what addresses KDE 
apps were using for my USB devices.

Are the developers going to change this ridiculous behaviour?


On Sunday 16 April 2006 12:29, Gabriel Dragffy wrote:
> I still have the same problem after all these months, certain applications
> in certain situations are incapable of using the files on my USB devices. I
> have an 80gb USB hard drive and store large files such as cd images and
> movies on it. If I tell K3b to burn an image or use any of the files on the
> drive it tells me "You can only select local files".
> This also happens when I ask Konqueror to read a bookmarks file held on the
> drive, or perform other similar operations.
> I KNOW that it isn't some permission problem since via Konqueror I can
> perform all operations including writing and deleting on the disc. Advice
> much appreciated!
> Gabe

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