US International keyboard for portuguese language writers

Dripple dripple2 at
Wed Apr 26 07:34:22 UTC 2006


I'm using KUbuntu in French, but I'd love to e able to write ~a cars 
(for exemple), as I'm also writing in Portuguese... Any tip ?

Julio Maranhao a écrit :
> Hi! I speak portuguese (I'm brazillian) and use Breezy
> (breezy,breezy-updates,breezy-security).
> So I use KDE 3.4.3 with last dist-upgrade.
> My language locale is "US English" and the country locale is set to
> "Brazil".
> Using KDE GUI "Keyboard Layout" configurator, I selected:
> setxkbmap -model pc105 -layout us -variant intl
> This is almost correct. The "cedilha" symbol is mapped to AltGr^{comma} ==
> "ç" instead of the common sequence {deadkey apostrophe}+c which is actually
> showing "ć".
> Any hints on this? It doesn't seem to be Kubuntu specific. Probably KDE or
> Xorg specific. I just want to change the file configuration to ajust this
> and the deadkeys behavior. Just to learn.
> Cheers  

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