Suspend to RAM in Dapper

Michel D'HOOGE michel.dhooge at
Tue Apr 25 20:36:18 UTC 2006

> designed around the new technology.  Why can't the Linux people get this
> right?  I mean no disrespect to the developers... quite the contrary: they
> just_have to be brighter than the M$ developers!!

Same problem as with, for instance, graphic cards. There is no
definitive way of doing it and it is not fully standardized. Indeed,
if just a few years ago, the CPU was the most complicate part of a
computer, it is no longer the case.
So as an independant developper, you don't have access to the spec. As
a user, the best (and only?) thing to do is to lobby the resellers to
publish their spec.

BTW, I found a recent mail thread on LKLM about maybe a way to solve
that problem. But I didn't find the time up to now to experiment...
I'll keep you in touch.

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