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Thilo Six wrote the following on 12.04.2006 01:30:


>>> However, I think it's moot with regard to having the identical URL specified
>>> twice, because I'm pretty sure apt throws away duplicates.
> Sorry but after all no argument could convince me here so i stick with
> my opinion.
> But i will investigate this issue some more to find some facts about it.
> I am also "only" a user and no mirror admin at last.
> When i find someting more concrete i will post it here.

$ man apt_preferences
Several instances of the same version of a package may be available when
the sources.list(5) file contains  references  to  more  than  one
source. In this case apt-get downloads the instance listed earliest in
the sources.list(5) file. The APT preferences file does not affect the
choice of instance, only the choice of version.

As i said...

bye Thilo
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