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Mon Apr 24 14:02:40 BST 2006

Hi Preston!

> My knowledge of Linux and Kubuntu is very much a work in progress so
> many of my questions may be very basic.

We're all learning everyday, thankfully ;)

> Where are the downloaded package and update files stored?

Apt keeps the .deb packages in cache in /var/cache/apt/archives.

> After the packages have been installed or the system upgraded, can I
> safely delete the downloaded packages?  If so, how do I do this?  Can I
> set the system up so that it will delete these packages automatically
> when it is finished with them?

You can remove the apt cache by running `sudo apt-get clean`. `sudo apt-get 
autoclean` will only suppress packages that are not available anymore and not 

It is certainly possible to deactivate the use of cache for apt 
in /etc/apt.conf imo. Please refer to `man apt.conf` for more details.

> Is there a good tutorial which would tell me the uses of various
> sub-directories in Kubuntu so that I can understand where to look for
> various files?

Hmm, experience :)
Seriously, (K)Ubuntu is a Debian-based system. Any Debian admin guide will 
tell you about that.



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