Batch Converting png To bmp

Hamster hamster at
Sat Apr 22 23:07:38 UTC 2006

On Fri, 21 Apr 2006 07:11:09 +0200
"Alan Bowden" <alanb at> wrote:

> Hi,  sorry I don't have an answer for you.  Your request has alerted 
> this newbie to the fact that I don't have a Linux (Kubuntu)
> equivalent to IrfanView in Windoze.  Does anyone have any idea what
> is the nearest/best?

Without knowing what Irfanview really does, the image viewer I use is
called showimage and is available from the kubuntu repositories as
package name showimg.

It can do lossless rotation for both viewing and saving and in my
opinion is a really neat programme.


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