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Dean Gagne wrote:
> I did have a sound blaster card that I have dropped in and it picked it 
> up with no problem. Sound works now, but I cannot get Amorok to work. 
> Says engine cannot play mp3 files, it won't play my CD's and it won't 
> play the streaming audio. I am sure I am doing something wrong. One of 
> the errors mentioned trying a different engine, but there is only one 
> engine listed in the drop down. One of the reasons I am trying this 
> version is I had heard it was pretty good for multimedia stuff, but it 
> doesn't seem to work straight out of the box.
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>     Hmm.. I don't see anything mentioning a sound card there.
>     Maybe you could buy a cheap sound card and use that?
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This is from a previous post:
Install the package amarok-engines and you should get all the engines. 
I  am pretty sure you do not need to rebuild amarok.
I know there is a decent xine engine (my favourite) and a ARTS engine. 
I think there is also a gstreamer engine in Breezy, but I don't see it 
on my dapper install.

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