Mac Ubuntu Wireless Disconnects

Richard Crawford rscrawford at
Thu Apr 20 22:07:11 UTC 2006

On Thursday 20 April 2006 14:40, Jeff Yowell wrote:
> I have Kubuntu 5.10 installed on a PowerBook G4 and use a D-Link
> DWL650 wireless card to connect.  When I start the machine up, it
> connects to the internet just fine. Then, about one minute later, it
> mysteriously disconnects.

Mind, you I don't know much about Macs, but when I had a problem like this, it 
involved the DHCP server not renewing leases properly.  Make sure your 
configurations are correct in /etc/network/interfaces.

If the card is set up for a static IP address, I'm utterly lost.

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