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Tue Apr 18 17:50:31 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 18 April 2006 06:04, guido dom wrote:
> Hello everyone
> How do I display a calendar on my desktop (Gnome)?
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To add one to the desktop you might want to install gdesklets. 

sudo apt-get install gdesklets

Then you have to run it and drag the applications you want onto your desktop.
If you want to have it run automatically whenever you start your computer 
you'll have to put it in your sessions/startup programs, which is found under 
the system/preferences/sessions menu.

With gdesklets you can choose all kinds of applications to run on your 
desktop, I would think you'll find a calendar there.

(You can have one on your panel by right clicking on the panel and choosing 
add to panel, then add the clock.  Clicking on the clock in the panel then 
brings up a calendar.)

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