Exiv2 in Kubuntu 5.10

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 12:39:44 UTC 2006

I need Exiv2 to install KPhotoAlbum 2.2 on my Kubuntu 5.10
installation. I thought that it might alreadybe there as I did install
a previous version of KPhotoAlbum (once KimDaBa), but "locate exiv2"
found nothing. So I tried searching for it with apt-get, but found
$ sudo apt-cache search exiv2

What can I do to install exiv2 on Kubuntu 5.10? Is it binary-only?

Also, does anybody maintain KPhotoAlbum / KimDaBa for {k?}ubuntu? If
version 2.2 will be available in apt-get soon, then I may just wait
for it.

Thank you.

Dotan Cohen

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