user cronjobs are not performed

Simon Zilliken simon.zn at
Mon Apr 17 17:25:24 UTC 2006

Am Samstag 15 April 2006 13:36 schrieb Thilo Six:
>You said if you execute the command from cli it works as expected.
>Maybe try to put the full absoulte path in crontab.
>nice clamscan -rl /home/$USER/Desktop/clamscan.daily
>                        ^^^^^
>/usr/bin/nice /usr/bin/clamscan -rl /home/Simon/Desktop/clamscan.daily

That helped me to solve it. There's no need to put absolute paths for 
commands, but $USER could not be resolved. That made me wonder what sense it 
makes to specify SHELL and PATH at the top of the crontab, so I left it out - 
and it works as well. So my crontab looks like this now:

# scan /home for viruses daily
00 18 * * * nice -n 19 clamscan -rl /home/simon/Desktop/clamscan.daily /home 
>& /dev/null

# eof



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