System Settings Window Sizing Problem

Matt Endebrock mendebrock at
Sat Apr 15 23:52:47 BST 2006

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> Subject: Re: System Settings Window Sizing Problem
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> Matt Endebrock wrote:
> > In the Systems Settings window, the "Users&Groups", "Printers" and
> > "Network Settings" modules display windows that are too tall for my
> > display (1024X768), even if I hide the panel. Attempting to resize these 
> > modules doesn't work either (resize handles appear, but the windows can't
> > be made smaller, only bigger). This makes these dialogs unuseable, as the
> > administrator access button is not visible.
> >
> > How do I get the default window sizes for these modules to be smaller?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Matt
> I don't know how to resize them BUT you can access the bottom part of
> the window by simply holding down the 'alt' key and using the mouse to
> drag the window to a position that will show the parts that you need.
> Blessings,
> Nigel

	Thanks for the tip, works like a champ. I  also tried Wafa's tip (maximize 
the window & problem disappears) but that didn't work for me. I'm curious to 
know why it works for you and not for me though.

I'm not a programmer but I've read that one of the strengths of KDE was the 
fact that many of the program default behaviors were separate of the compiled 
binaries and were stored in an XML file. Can't we just edit the XML file and 
be done with it?


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