[OBORONA-SPAM] Soft reboots failing

Mitch Thompson mitchthompson at satx.rr.com
Wed Apr 12 15:24:49 UTC 2006

Sorry for the delayed reply. 

adding "reboot=h" to the kernel line didn't help.  After some research, 
I found a similar option "reboot=b", which I also tried, and which also 
didn't work.

Thanks, anyway.

Gabriel Dragffy wrote:

>You probably need to add "reboot=h" to the kernel line in your bootloader. If 
>you're using grub you press ESC at the selection screen and then proceed to 
>edit the appropriate line for the kernel and add reboot=h to the end. If this 
>works you can make it permanent by editing /boot/grub/menu.lst.
>On Sunday 09 April 2006 22:09, Mitch Thompson wrote:
>>Running kubuntu dapper/flight 6 on an AMD64 machine, but this also
>>occurred when
>>running kubuntu breezy on the same machine.
>>Whenever I reboot by either typing reboot or selecting it from the
>>logout screen, it would go through all of the shutdown scripts until the
>>very last message was:
>>[834.696783] Restarting the system
>>Then nothing.  It sits there.  A hard restart always results in
>>reiserfs doing a fsck of the system upon reboot.
>>Bug?  Problem with my system?  Couldn't find anything in Bugzilla, but I
>>admit I only spent about 5 minutes doing searches.

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