Kubuntu annoyances (check list)

Freddie Cash fcash-ml at sd73.bc.ca
Tue Apr 11 18:31:22 UTC 2006

On Mon, April 10, 2006 4:02 pm, federico silva wrote:
> On Monday 10 April 2006 18:52, Freddie Cash wrote:
> Freddie Cash escribió:
>> Highlighting something with a mouse in a GUI environment should do
>> nothing more than highlight the selection.  What you do with it
>> after it is highlighted should be separate from the act of
>> highlighting.   For instance, what if I just wanted to run a spell
>> check on that portion?  Or wanted to move it?  Or wanted to use it
>> in a Find or Replace dialog? There's nothing worse than doing
>> "highlight+cut, scroll down, highlight+paste" only to find that you
>> pasted the last selection you highlighted.

> __If__ highlighted text goes into the normal Ctrl+c clipboard,
> I accept it is an error, but higlight->middle-click  is __very__
> practical to me. It has its use; both have, and both are not mutually
> exclusive.

I guess it depends on the person and how they work.  I think the main
reason I hate middle-click pasting is that the scroll wheel on most
mice is too sensitive, and I end up pasting crap all over my documents
as I scroll through it.  Which is why I tend to disable the
middle-mouse button completely when in KDE.

> Sometimes I use only the keyboard, some others, only the mouse.
> That highlight selection is there helps me when reading, for example,
> with a cup of coffee in one hand ( or petting the cat prrprrprr ) and
> the mouse in the other ( so the mouse is not jealous ;-) ).

I tend to use the keyboard a lot more than the mouse, so for me, it's
nicer having highlight separate from cut/copy/paste.  It's very
frustrating when highlighting the part I want to replace blows away
the clipboard contents I was about to paste.  Another reason I tend to
disable "selection == copy" in KDE (AKA as "Ignore selection" option
in Klipper).

> I am also used to ctrl+c copying code and while holding it there,
> highlight-copy smaller snippets around without blasting the other
> clipboard.

I use Klipper to do the same.  I boost Klipper's queue to 25 or so,
then copy as many items as I want to it.  To paste, I just change the
selection in Klipper.

>> Fortunately, those who use KDE do not have to worry about this, as
>> you can configure Klipper to grab whatever you highlight and/or
>> CTRL+c and put it into the same clipboard area, and keep a copy of
>> it around in case you screw things up.

> Disabled here; with the previously mentioned methods I am satisfied.

To each their own.  :)

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