Kubuntu annoyances (check list)

Bry Melvin brymelvin at msn.com
Tue Apr 11 03:55:47 UTC 2006

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>"Bry Melvin" <brymelvin at msn.com> writes:
> > Pushing for an available paid add on service like "click and run" from 
>Linsire for Ubuntu would make a lot more
> > sense. When you pay for this service, you are paying for the rights to 
>use the patented technologies. Thus ends the
> > question where you are legal or not.
>Yes.  And that scheme even works OK with copyleftic software, because
>the latter typically only restricts your freedom to _publish_
>derivatives, not to make and use them.
We will probably see this quite soon. S Nichols in a DestopLinux article 

..."Ubuntu thus far has resisted joining the DCC, but Carmony has a card to 
play in that Linspire and Ubuntu are already talking about a collaboration. 
Ubuntu is close to an agreement with Linspire to offer Linspire's CNR 
(Click-N-Run) application download service to Ubuntu users. That 
relationship could help get the most popular Linux distro into the DCC....


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