KUbuntu Germany

Gustav H Meyer gustav at gcis.gov.za
Mon Apr 10 15:16:24 UTC 2006

Warum nicht erst lesen und dann posten. Diese sache ist längst schon 
geklärt. Große missverstand, nach meine meinung.

On 10/04/06 13:59, niels jende wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> unfortunately I had to read that the German mates who are running
> KUbuntu.de and the german mailing lists are not getting any support from
> Even though I had to read that Andreas Mueller has kinda "lost" his
> Account @ KUbuntu.org! Why is that?
> Me, as a User of KUbuntu would not like to see that the German Team has
> to close down - neither their website nor the mailing list and
> whatsoever. Instead I would like to see that _CANONICAL supports them_ -
> in whatever ways, as there a re lots of ways I suppose!
> Mates, whats wrong with CANONICAL? How come that they had to close down
> Andreas Muellers Account? How come that the whole team is not getting
> any support? Should that be normal? I hope not!
> The whole team is since today kinda like on strike, which I truely can
> understand! However I would like to see a lot of KUbuntu Users
> supporting the german team! What can't be true shouldn`t be and
> shouldn`t be accepted at all!
> Cheers
> Niel

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