[OBORONA-SPAM] Re: Certain problems are not resolved !

Gabriel Dragffy dragffy at yandex.ru
Mon Apr 10 13:58:04 UTC 2006

I know about problem #3, it appears like your keyboard isn't working but it 
IS, simply type your password and hit the ENTER key to complete.

Problem #4 maybe due to a lack of free space on the root drive? And the 
failure in nameresolution shouldn't worry you, since if you're not on the net 
it can't solve any addresses.

On Monday 10 April 2006 16:57, Vilas Sukhadeve wrote:
> Dear  David,
> You know that I have installed Ubuntu 5.10 for my p.c.  With the help of
> you and others I am solving
> the problems one by one. Playing of audio/video c.ds.is mostly solved
> except that maximum audio cds. are not played in cd player but they can
> be played in totem and other programmes.  Likewise evolution mail is
> also started responding and I am sending you this mail through that
> only.
> Thanks! Let us go to other problems.
> 1:- Dialler(to get connected with the server) still can not be created
> on the desk top. How to do it?
> 2:- What must be the problem with cd.player and how to resolve it?
> 3:- Real player is still could not be configured in spite of the
> commands given to terminal. It asks for password and while typing my
> password no single key of the key board operates. How to solve this ?
> 4:- While log in the colour screen becomes black&white and it takes much
> time to open desk top more over it says:- checking root file system
> /:clean 77960/1205312files(o.8% non contiguous , 541752/2407734 blocks.
> Error Temp failure in name resolution.
> Is it O.K. ?
> Solutions to KUbuntu and Ubuntu 5.10 , are they same ?
> 5:- As soon as I open terminal it says "There was a problem with the
> command for this terminal: Text was empty (or contained only
> whitespace)" Then I have to open default terminal and start working but
> again it says bad command or asks for password and key board goes off.
> That root file system problem is still not resolved as it asks for
> password and no key from key board it accepts.
> These are some of the problem I seek to solutions for .
> With love
> Vilas
> (India)
> p.s.:- since I am computer illeterate , I get confused with the many
> terms. Is there any page which will help me getting friendly with the
> terms mostly used in operating the P.C.
> While using Ubuntu how to detect/clean viruses ?
> > --

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