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Γιάννης Παπαδόπουλος ypapado at panteion.gr
Mon Apr 10 12:36:04 UTC 2006

Hi everyone,
I read Riddel's reply. What I understood between the lines is that 
Canonical can't give more support to Kubuntu as long as there is not any 
interest from companies on the product.

" Canonical has been wonderfully supportive of Kubuntu.  As far as I
know they havn't sold any commercial support contracts for it though
so from a commercial point of view it makes little sense to put more
money into it until that starts to happen." 

It is not Riddel's fault obviously and he is putting a real effort for Kubuntu but this does not mean that the German team complaints can be limited to the closing of an e-mail account. I don't know if it is just my impression but I think they are right in complaining about a "neglect" of Kubuntu. Last flight cd was available for download 3-4 days after UBUNTU cd.
Following the development of KDE 4 I haven't noticed any of the graphic design developpers working for Kubuntu. 
I might be wrong. The fact remains that even after the reactivation of Andreas Mueller account the German team server is down. If it was just a mishandling issue why is this happening.
I thank everybody working for KUBUNTU for the great job they are doing. I don't want to seem ungrateful. There are just some things that are not that clear to me.



Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> On Monday 10 April 2006 07:59, niels jende wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>> unfortunately I had to read that the German mates who are running
>> KUbuntu.de and the german mailing lists are not getting any support from
>> Even though I had to read that Andreas Mueller has kinda "lost" his
>> Account @ KUbuntu.org! Why is that?
>> Me, as a User of KUbuntu would not like to see that the German Team has
>> to close down - neither their website nor the mailing list and
>> whatsoever. Instead I would like to see that _CANONICAL supports them_ -
>> in whatever ways, as there a re lots of ways I suppose!
>> Mates, whats wrong with CANONICAL? How come that they had to close down
>> Andreas Muellers Account? How come that the whole team is not getting
>> any support? Should that be normal? I hope not!
>> The whole team is since today kinda like on strike, which I truely can
>> understand! However I would like to see a lot of KUbuntu Users
>> supporting the german team! What can't be true shouldn`t be and
>> shouldn`t be accepted at all!
>> Cheers
>> Niel
> Did you read the post earlier to the list made by Jonathan Riddell?  If not go 
> back and re read it.  The whole thing was blown out of porportion it seems by 
> the Germany team, at least from my reading of things on the list.
> Jonathan

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