basic disc operations, defragmenting and checking etc.

Gabriel Dragffy dragffy at
Sun Apr 9 01:36:00 UTC 2006


I'm still new to linux, only had a honey-moon period of about 2 months so far. 
I have an external hard drive that I use as backup and it's formatted with 
FAT32 so I can transfer between XP and Kubuntu (dual boot). It also means I 
can take it to my friends' home and it will work no matter what system they 
use. However after about 2 months of heavy copying I am sure it is badly 

What is the procedure to defrag this in Kubuntu? It is mounted as something 
like /media/sda1. I don't fancy booting in to XP for the first time in  a 
month to defrag it.

Secondly since it's FAT32 it's prone to error accumulation, what can I do to 
scan and repair any errors?

Thirdly, am i able to do the same things for Kubuntu (ReiserFS)? I am well 
aware this FS is not prone to errors or fragmentation, but me being the 
curious type I'd really like to take a look!


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