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federico silva ouch.doh at
Sat Apr 8 18:03:04 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 21 March 2006 08:43, Jonathan Riddell wrote: 
Jonathan Riddell escribió:
> I have gone into the users accounts and created a password for root
>    but webmin still won't run.

Mmm, don't use webmin here, but I have used it without the root account
in a server allright with Hoary and Breezy.

Can you do 'su -'? does it work?.

>    Also when using mysql-admin I try to assign rights to a user and it
>    comes back and says duplicate name use another name......

This happens to me too, mysql-admin looks nice and that is all :-S
Things with privileges that I can do with the mysql cli just won't
work in mysql-admin, at least not with a cli mindset.

I also have tried to like mysql-query-browser but it dies miserably
while dragging from the sidebar and of course it uses the horrible
gnome filechooser and allways opens it from ~ despite you are using
a query you just opened from a really long pathname ... oh! rant mode
triggered, I'd better go and take a walk.

Sorry cannot be more helpful.

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