Dapper Flight 6 Latest Update - Hanging

Graham Dickinson dickinson.graham at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 18:41:22 UTC 2006

hmmm...apt-get update and apt-get upgrade appeared to work ok but... still
same apparant 'hanging' issue. However, have now seen what i thought was an
error message. What it actually is is the 'Kubuntu Login' prompt. This comes
up and then the Kubuntu splash (with the progress bar displayed but not
moving) comes up immediately I cannot therefore input my userid and
However, the system isn't actually hanging, just (I think) trying to deal
with a problem.

Anyone else getting this? Any suggestions how to move things forward? Should
I give up and trash the system, reloading Flight 5?

Fed up...

On 07/04/06, Graham Dickinson <dickinson.graham at gmail.com> wrote:
> >>*
> *>>* I'm a Kubuntu newbie and had successfully installed Flight 6 on my machine
> *>>* (nothing special), was working fine. Today I find that Kernel
> *>>* 2.6.15-20-386
>  has been installed automatically, and now the machine hangs
> *>>* on the initial splash screen after the 'loading...' drivers, etc.
> *>>*
> *>>* Anyone else expereincing this and any suggestions?
> *>>*
> *>
> >I am not experiencing it, in part because I am somewhat afraid of using the
> >latest version, knowing it could break at any time <g>.
> >
> >When I used to do that regularly, one trick I had was to boot in single user
> >mode (when the Grub menu comes up, hit e to edit the command line and put a
> >" 1" at the end of the boot line.  Then you can run an apt-get update and
> >apt-get upgrade to get the fixes, which are usually out the next day.
> >
> >Another option is to choose an older kernel from the Grub menu and see if
> >that still works.
> Thanks a lot John...
> I have the machine setup as dual boot with Gnome (sorry! - I prefer Kubuntu tho') Flight 5 in the other partition.
> I can boot from this partion ok, but not from the Kubuntu partition despite trying earlier versions.
> I will now try what u suggest.
> Thinking about it more it may be that the auto update was interupted in some way and hence the install is incomplete/corrupt.
> There seems to be an error message displaying but it is overwritten by the splash
> screen (the one that hangs) before I can read it.I was thinking along the lines of
> redoing the upgrade via the command line, but wasn't quite sure of the process so thanks for your info.
> "To err is human; to really screw things up requires a computer"
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