Fail on upgrade Hoary->Breeze

Boëté Yann yann.boete at
Fri Apr 7 08:53:25 UTC 2006


I just finish upgrading from kubuntu Hoary to Breezy but I think something is going wrong. 

Before, I has an automatic start of X + KDM (Like I'm used to)
Now I have only a consol login prompt (And I am not a CLI wizard)

I tried a sudo startx (Whoo, what a huge challenge to me) but it fail too. 

I have lost my DSL connexion too. (
	Modem : Speedtouch usb
	ISP   :

May I try something to restore my laptop or make a fresh install from CD?

Sorry for my bad English (but I think it's still more comprehensible for you than my French native language.)


Yann Boëté

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