Kubuntu annoyances (check list)

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Thu Apr 6 16:01:32 UTC 2006

Gavin Dudley wrote:

> Apol for late response. I must echo all these sentiments. Big Up,
> Albert! As a newbie I don't know what is supposed to work, what is
> broken and what is user error, so Albert's orginal check list of
> problems proved invaluable to me because I was trying to resolve so many
> of these same issues. Buggy multimedia playback is by far the most
> irritating factor, followed by unpredictable cut and paste between apps.

> It bothers me immensely that Linux evangelists are either in denial
> about the massive deficiencies in Linux, or otherwise are not
> traditional desktop PC users.

What bothers me "immensely" is users who - having established that they have
problems, assume that therefore the OS is completely unusable by the
majority of users.

I'm sure there _are_ buggy multimedia apps.  Kaffeine seems to be meeting my
needs very well.  Your following post about /dev/dsp being locked would be
a very good indication of your problem.  You really shouldn't be using it
directly - if at all.

Cut & paste between apps, however, is - while completely unlike cut & paste
in Windows - very predictable.

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