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>Subject: mounting
>Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 08:03:58 +0200
>I've installed KUBUNTU 5.10 on my acer aspire laptop and I cannot find my
>winxp C and d partitions; neither can I mount (from the rightclick menu of
>the desktop icons) the usb stick, memorycard and mp3player (USB attached).
>Is there any helpavailable?
to access the windows partitions etc. try:

for the windows partitions select the drive then the partitions tab.
fix the access path (where it is to be mounted)
make sure it is enabled in the status line.

This should at least allow you to read the win partition... at least it does 
here on fat32  don't know about ntfs.

You might find the other devices in the disk manager also.

If you don't have that menu item (my Kubuntu is Ubuntu +Kubuntu-desktop)

Kmenu>systemsettings>disks & filesystems

Then enter your password everything will then stop being greyed out.

You'll then be able to click on a device/partition and change its settings.

There are also numerous ways to do all this from the command line.  But I 
got the idea you wanted to do this via graphical interface.

Bryann Melvin

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