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Mon Apr 3 01:52:45 BST 2006

On Friday 31 March 2006 23:05, Dave wrote:
> Every time I try to unrar a file I get this error message, "The Utility
> unrar is not in your path" (see attached screen shot). I went through all
> the ARK settings and didn't find any that looked like they controlled the
> utilities used or the paths to them. I verified that "unrar-free" is
> installed but ARK still complains about the missing path. I suspect it is a
> real simple fix and may have to do with the fact that "unrar-free" is named
> differently then "unrar." I would appreciate a point in the right direction
> from anyone.
> --
> Dave Sterken

Well, you have  a couple of choices.
1.  You could create a softlink to "unrar-free" (if that's the binary's name).
in the directory where unrar-free is located do this:
ln -s unrar-free unrar

2.  You could install the "non-free" version that opens all the versions of 
apt-get install unrar
apt-get install unrar-nonfree
(you may need to enable the universe and restricted areas of the repositories 
to see either of these).


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