Extraction Execution?

Henri Honda hank at r7.dion.ne.jp
Tue Sep 27 07:01:42 UTC 2005

To:  Unbuntu Gurus:

After about a dozen installs, uninstalls and reinstalls, I finally got 
Ubuntu 5 installed but, and a BIG BUT, I cannot extract any third party 
software that is on CD's or floppies.  When I try to execute the extraction 
process (in "sudo" or not) I get the message "Extraction denied; you don't 
have the right permissions".  What gives?  I downloaded the "unofficial 
Ubuntu 5.4 starter guide" but there's nothing in there about extraction.

Of course, since I cannot load my Ratoc modem driver into Ubuntu, I'm using 
Windows to connect to the internet.  If anyone of you gurus knows how to 
eliminate that recurring error message and how to extract from CD's and 
floppies, I surely would appreciate it and would be very grateful for your 

Thank you and cheers.

Best regards,


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