Installing parallel HP LaserJet

Tim Gruene tg at
Sun Sep 18 13:25:12 UTC 2005


I recently installed ubuntu 5.04 and kubuntu on an Athlon k6. I have an HP
Laserjet 6P connected through the parallel port with the machine and would
like to install it. Since cups did not work the way I know it
(adding root with "lppasswd -a root" and then setting up the printer via
http://localhost:631 (password never accepted)), I tried
gnome-cups-manager. That did install the printer, but I cannot print: a
job is always in the queue, with the printer paused, an when I try to
resume the printer from the gnome-cups-manager, it goes into 'pause'-state
immediately again.

1) So the question is: How do I activate the printer properly so I can use
   kprinter or even the lp-commands

2) What do I need to change (pam, permissions, etc) so that I can get rid
   of the gnome-cups-manager and use the cups-web-interface directly?

I goggle'd about but did not find anything to solve my problem.

Thanks a million


Tim Gruene
Institut fuer anorganische Chemie
Tammannstr. 4
D-37077 Goettingen


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