problems installing subversion

Thomas Olsen thomas_tanghus_olsen at
Wed Sep 14 19:30:12 UTC 2005

On Wednesday den 14. September 2005 19:30, Albert wrote:
> I am trying to install subversion in kubuntu and I run into this (see
> below). The problem is the packages cannot be found. How can one change the
> url from which the packages are donwloaded? Or is this another kind of
> problem? The same occurs when using kynaptic.
> Thanks for any help
> Albert
> albert at ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install subversion --fix-missing
> Reading package lists... Done
> Err hoary-security/main libapr0
> 2.0.53-5ubuntu5.1 404 Not Found [IP: 80]
> Failed to fetch
>u5.1_powerpc.deb 404 Not Found [IP: 80]

Did u remember to do:

 sudo apt-get update

Med venlig hilsen

Thomas Olsen

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