KMail keeps starting "standalone"

Derek Broughton news at
Tue Sep 13 13:06:16 UTC 2005

Donatas G. wrote:

> Derek Broughton ra??:
>> When I shut dowm, I usually leave Kontact up and Kontact is set to open
>> Mail as the default application.
>> In the last few days, every time I log in KMail starts up as standalone,
>> even though it was not started when I shut down.  Then Kontact starts up,
>> and when I try to switch from News to Mail, a message appears in the
>> status
>> bar something like "Application was started standalone.  Foregrounding."
>> I've got nothing in my .kde/Autostart folder to start KMail.  Any idea
>> why
>> it would start itself?  I had changed some Kontact config settings
>> shortly before this behaviour started but I can't see that I changed
>> anything that would cause this.
> I had a similar problem, and it was so because I used imap folders to
> store my calendar, together with KDE alarm service (not exactly the
> title, perhaps). The alarm service starts up and then tries to access
> the imap folders, therefore it stats Kmail.
> I have not found a workaround, though I would like the Kontact to start,
> not just Kmail. So i stopped using imap folders for my calendar...
Ah, ha.  Of course, I'd just done that too :-)  I ended up having enough
problems with what I wanted to do with that Calendar, that I ended up
building the calendar in Outlook (Ack!!!), so I can safely delete the one
in imap.  "I'll be back..." :-)

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