Henri Honda hank at
Tue Sep 13 11:45:59 UTC 2005

Hello, out there!

I just received my Ubuntu CD's, installed it without any problems BUT I'm 
having problems when I try to extract other programs and to install a 
modem.  I keep getting a message "You don't have the right permission to 
extract files from CD's".

How can extract programs from CD's or the internet?  Of course since I 
cannot connect to the internet using Ubuntu, I have to use Windows.

FYI, I used the default install.  I'm a newbie  with Linux so I don't know 
anything about it.

Would really appreciate your help in this matter.  Otherwise, Ubuntu is not 
of much use except to play with the programs that came on the install CD.

Thank you!


Hank 7J9AAD

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