Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Yourbuntu, Mybuntu??? am I cheating on the cheese?

Simon Rönnqvist simon at iki.fi
Sun Sep 11 21:00:37 UTC 2005

On Sep 11, 2005, at 21:06, Mathewson wrote:

> Recently I ad a problem with Kubuntu on some laptops...
> so I "twiddled around" with Ubuntu so that the GUI looked
> so like the Kubuntu KDE that I fooled all my end-users ...
> UM . . .
> OK, all the purist out there are going to say awful things
> (especially KDE true belivers)
> however, my end-users got more for their install (Ubuntu
> seems to contain more apps on the CD than Kubuntu) and they
> got the (Yuck) Windows-like functionality they wanted.
> No doubt, with a bit of twiddling one could also make
> Kubuntu look Gnomic (Ubuntu) . . .

   Yeah... I actually did just that...
Cause I hated how KDE looked like WIndows and liked the userfriendly  
way the Gnome UI was designed.

However I love the wide set of features that KDE (and especially it's  
applications) offer... Now that I made my Gnome and KDE look almost  
the same there's not so much difference between them... most  
applications work in both environments too. Gnome has Nautilius while  
as KDE has more flexiility...

> at which point the inevitable question arises:
> why 2 distros ???

I actually mailed the Ubuntu people about it... their answer was that  
they're actually not really two different distros.
If you install the minimal server installation of Ubuntu/Kubuntu and  
the do a "sudo apt-get install (k)ubuntu-desktop" you're able to pick  
desktop environment no matter which one's installation CD you used.

But... it'd really be nice to see KDE and Gnome integrated. They  
already integrate quite well if one makes them to, but ordinary  
people shouldn't have to bother. Ordinary people shouldn't even have  
to know what a windowmanager is. Linux's modularity is great, but  
having to know of it puts many people of. So a userfriendly distro  
(such as Ubuntu), having a unified windowmanager+application suite  
with the best of both Ubuntu and Kubuntu could be great.

   cheers, Simon
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