automount for cd and usb?

Christoph Wiesen chris at
Fri Sep 2 07:13:06 CDT 2005

Am Freitag 02 September 2005 11:32 schrieb Donatas G.:
> Is it possible to have my cd's and usb pen-drive (and my camera?)
> automounted, instead of just detected and an icon being placed on the
> desktop?
> And, what's even more important, is it possible to make proper use of
> the cd eject button on the cdrom drive, that, when I press it while the
> cd is mounted, the cd would be both unmounted and ejected?
> Now I can use the button only when the cd is unmounted.

This feels really weird, doesn't it? I mean having to manually unmount a CD 
before the eject button would eject the CD...

Anyway I hope something will happen here. Having media:/ and so on is a lot 
better than what it was before though; I used KDiskFree to mount/unmount 

When you look at Mandrake or SuSE you see it is possible (and absolutely 
necessary for any non UNIX-audience imo) to have reliable automount/unmount, 
but from what I can tell there's no sign of this coming to the ubuntu kernel 
any time soon. At least before the release of hoary when I tried to suggest 
this, the developers seemed satisfied whith what media:/  or the gnome volume 
stuff brought.

Maybe you could go to kubuntu-devel with that or bring it up on IRC, so the 
guys are aware this is still something bothering users.


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