James Gray james at grayonline.id.au
Sun Oct 16 16:38:06 CDT 2005

Hi All,

Some may have seen my Breezy upgrade success story.  The reality seems that 
the stability issue under Hoary that prompted the upgrade in the first place 
is still there.  I've narrowed down the start of the problem to the kernel 
update made in response to USN-199-1 (Ubuntu Security Notice).

I'm running an AMD64 3000+ on an Asus K8VSE Deluxe with 1GB of RAM with the 
latest 2.6.10-5.?-amd64-k8 kernel.  I've reliably recreated the fault with 
the following:
1. Boot normally.
2. Load enough programs to *almost* fill ram (ie, programs + cache + buffer is
   almost 1GB) with no swap in use.
3. Load something else large enough to prompt the kernel to try and free some
   buffer/cache or swap out to disk.
4. Kernel will throw a bunch of "Unable to handle paging request at
   0x0?????" (the address varies but seems to always be in the range that is
   only buffer/cache) into /var/log/kern.log.  The remaining details in the
   log refer to "{page_clear +7}" or other paging requests with
   all the usual register contents etc.
5. At this point, what ever I loaded in #3 will stop with a "Killed" message.
6. Either soon after 5, or immediately, the kernel will panic and it's
   "Goodnight Irene" for the system.

I've upgraded from Hoary->Breezy thinking maybe Breezy's kernel wasn't 
affected, but it suffers the same problem on my hardware.

I ran memtest86 all night (over 10 hours) and no errors were found. I'm 
running the latest BIOS for my board (1007.002 IIRC) and all memory timings 
are "default" - ie, no over-clocking.  The system has been rock solid since I 
installed Hoary earlier this year.  This problem only appeared after the 
kernel update in USN-199-1.  My other machine (a Centrino laptop) running 
Hoary also installed the problematic kernel *version* but it is a 686 kernel 
not an amd64-k8.  Maybe this is something screwy with the Athlon64 code?

Anyone else seeing this behaviour??  Should I raise a bug??


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