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katapult looks pretty slick, but it doesn't recognize a lot of my apps, let 
alone aliases for apps. 
It seems that if there's not .desktop file for an application, it won't 
recognize it, and I can't even start it if I type the whole command and press 
enter. (Try simply "xterm" for example.)

If it can't find something, couldn't it just dump the command into a shell and 

Furthermore, it can't deal with konqueror's shortcuts, e.g. accessing Qt's API 
docs via "qt widget" doesn't work.

It looks really slick, but it misses a lot of simple things the standard 
[alt]+F2 dialogue provides.

Can this be fixed easily? I can't seem to find any configuration for katapult, 
and on, it says it's basically abandonware. Does it have a new 
maintainer maybe?

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