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Thu Oct 6 22:59:15 CDT 2005

Dear Andy:  I installed the 5.10 Kubuntu and it released a virus that chewed up my MBR and disenbowled the root of my XP partition... I went back to windows ME and Kubuntu 5.0.4 and things are peaceful once again... you could actually hear the virus/worm chewing away at the startup partition on my hardrive... unreal...
PS  I can't seem to get First Class Client for Linux to run in Kubuntu...

Andy Choens <gunksta at> wrote: 
I installed Kubuntu, and a few other toys, after using Ubuntu 5.10 for a while.  All is well, except for OpenOffice.  It's refusing to use KDE's themes.

This is a 64-bit Breezy install.  I have the ia32kde files installed.  I even tried reconfiguring them and with dpkg to make sure they knew about each other.  But, I still have a borin OOo.

If anyone knows how to trick OOo into looking like a pretty KDE app, I'd love to hear about it.  It sure would make my time in KDE land look more consistent.
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